If you insist....

Running MUSSELs isn't very expensive, but I was asked to provide a way to donut... er, donate, so here it is. (Now with sprinkles!)

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In order to understand what somebody is saying, you must assume that it is true, and then discover what it might be true of.

George Armitage Miller
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Badge Group Description Manager Posts Members Join Link

A MUSSEL who provides comfort to another MUSSEL in times of need

nekokami 13 Request membership
Thread Knotters

A Wee Knot of a Badge is awarded for those who tie up multiple threads or sources in a surprising way

nekokami 4 Request membership
Universal Horizons

A group of gamers who are perilously close to where pshrynk lives and largely unaware of that.

pshrynk 3 Join

MUSSELs who have clicked the donut button

nekokami 8 Join

The Society Against Removing Chocolate Cakes, Other Precious Hitems And Gustative Useful Sweets

YGG 11 Join

"Ceci n'est pas un groupe"

zelda pinwheel 9 Join
Early Birds

Those crazy morning people

fledchen 10 Join
Night Owls

People who work better at night

nekokami 12 Join
Karma Chameleons

Zelda said it best: "i'll tell you a secret, i give lizards all the time, and then i just stare at them, mesmerized by the changing colours. Wink "

nekokami 18 Join
Minister of Silly Outfits

A Key position in the Ministry of Unutterable Silliness

WDE 1 Invite only
TGM/Doc Savage/Lensman Series Group

Tales of the Gold Monkey, Doc Savage and The Lensman Series.

WDE 9 Join

Our distinguished sharers of Rrecipes!

admin 6 Invite only
Very Distinguished MUSSEL

Just because. Smile

admin 2 Invite only
Super Secret Captain Midnight Decoder Ring

A secret (ok, not THAT secret) group that consists of everyone who has uploaded an avatar

zelda pinwheel 48 Invite only
Avatar Artiste

Those who have created cool avatars

admin 2 Invite only
Signet, Seal and Scepter of the Saga Supremo

Psaga authors

admin 15 Invite only
T.R.E.B.U.C.H.E.T. : 113 pts

You like to win 113 points? Play with us ^^

Godzil 17 Invite only

League Against Spammers, Trolls and Irritating Noisome Gits

LazyScot 1 20 Join
Loyal Order of the Panda

A silly group everyone is invited to join

nekokami 11 53 Join
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