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View A Ppost zelda pinwheel 2010-10-11 12:40

here's a sample reply.

i think we need to take a look at navigation ; a forum "home" page with a list of subfora is probably a good plan, so people can easily find the right area. then a page listing all the threads in a specific forum, and then the thread itself.

can we make the reply box visible by default ? can we also add styles and a few html functions (italic, bold, link, images... and quote, of course) ? and smilies ? here's a test to see if typed smilies work : Smile teehee Wink redface but we could have some custom ones as well (squirrel comes immediately to mind... and there are a few others i like from mr, and also some from ravenne's site that are funny http://www.smileygarden.de/ in particular this one : http://www.smileygarden.de/smilie/Engel/teu45.gif).

i'm still checking around different things so forgive me if all that already exists, and i just haven't noticed it yet.

ah. actually i just noticed the "input format" linky directly under this box, oups. so html is supported automatically, which is good. but for most users, auto style buttons are better.

View A Ppost zelda pinwheel 2010-10-11 12:43

okay, now i've seen my first reply, a few other little details i'm thinking of :

- the "post" button should be visible by default ; currently you are forced to click "preview" before posting, which i think is a bit fastidious for regular use.

- the buttons should make the cursor change on mouseover

- the left column should either stretch to accomodate longer content or hide overflow (first is probably better) and the right column should be wider, possibly liquid (but in that case maybe with a max width).

- replies to comments probably shouldn't use an indent to set them apart, but maybe we can resolve this using a quote function.

View A Ppost zelda pinwheel 2010-10-11 12:46

second-level reply (reply to a reply to the original post) to see if the formatting changes.

also a bit of extra text to see how the left column is handled at this level.

hopefully this will be enough text. well maybe a bit more. it's hard to estimate since the reply box is smaller than the post i'm replying to.

hm, strangely, if you click "reply" to a post further down the thread, it shows that reply only and not the entire conversation. can we change that ?

View A Ppost zelda pinwheel 2010-10-11 12:48

...rather than the "reply" links.

also, here is a test of the cite code :

this text is cited. for pertinence, here is a citation :

Like all those possessing a library, Aurelian was aware that he was guilty of not knowing his in its entirety.
-- Borges, "The Theologians"

hm, strange, only the first paragraph of the cited text appears to be in italics. interesting.

View A Ppost zelda pinwheel 2010-10-11 12:49

if i use the "post" button at the top of the page, my comment is placed directly under the original post, rather than after all my previous comments ! o_O

View A Ppost zelda pinwheel 2010-10-11 12:51

nope, typed smileys do not work automatically.

ok, good to know.

View A Ppost admin 2010-10-11 14:30

I've made some changes to the way the forum is formatted-- hopefully this will help some.

View A Ppost admin 2010-10-11 14:31

Test smiley: Smile

View A Ppost zelda pinwheel 2010-10-11 14:33

wow, there is a lot of new stuff ! this looks great ! i love the new post interface. and smileys too !!! amazing !
Smile Wink teehee redface

View A Ppost zelda pinwheel 2010-10-11 14:34

woo hoo ! *lots* of smileys ! nice ! :D